How To Fix A Loose Tailstock Cam Clamp on a Legacy Ornamental Mill

When I first started to use my Legacy Ornamental Mill I noticed the cam clamp on my tailstock would frequently get loose and open up. I always noticed the problem when it was too late and my spindle was bouncing from the vibrations of the router making the cut. I tried all sorts of different clamping pressures and various temporary solutions but the cam clamp seemed to open up anyway. It turns out the solution is so simple it's hard to believe.

First make sure that the screw pointed out by the yellow arrow has a nylon locking nut. If not, replace the nut with a 10-32 nylon locking nut. Next tighten this screw until the cam clamp stays shut. If the handle is too loose it will vibrate open. If it is too tight you wont be able to open and close the cam. The solution is really that easy.

As time goes on you might find the handle need to be adjusted again. This would also be a good time to check all of the nuts and bolts to make sure they are all tight and present. It's amazing what rattles loose on our machines.

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Web Page added 9-1-2010